Causeway Bay @ Hong Kong Island

Yup~ its Sogo + East Point Road +
Island Beverly
CWB from air When I was in HK, I walk past there everyday
Times Square Tsui Wah and................................. Wow~ Fish ball + HK Central Library +
Victoria Park
Taxis Tram + Buses CWB MTR station

Jardine's Lookout - the place where I live in HK

its Our View~ Jardine's Lookout from air Broadwood Road
When I was in HK, I go past there everyday
A quiet area nestling between Happy Valley and the south side of the island, Jardine's Lookout is home to many of the long term Hong Kong families and the consular corps. 

Despite some modern buildings which have sprung up quite recently, most of the area comprises of low-rises or townhouses and in some cases, even free-standing homes.

With its proximity to the business and entertainment district of Causeway Bay, Jardine's Lookout offers mainly older style apartments and houses. There is good transport network of buses and mini-buses which shuttle to Wan Chai and Causeway Bay and provide access to the MTR. From Jardine's Lookout to Causeway Bay, only takes 10 mins!
Chun Fai Road and No.11 Bus No. 11 Bus 
(Central - Jardine's Lookout)
No. 14M Mini-bus 
( Lee Garden - Jardine's Lookout )

Hong Kong Island

Panorama view of the city of Hong Kong Island
Wan Chai
it is where my Primary and Secondary school was
Lan Kwai Fong
with uncountable bars, pubs and restaurants
IFC2 + IFC1 + Four Seasons Hotel
IFC2 = Tallest building in HK

Hong Kong's Guinness World Record

The Biggest Rolls-Royce car team, own by a Hong Kong hotel - The Peninsula, it got 50 Rolls-Royce. 
The world longest outdoor lift, it got 800m long
The world most expensive detached house, In 1996 Pearl Oriental used 5.4 hundred million to buy it, each foot cost nearly twenty thousand in HK dollars
Tsing Ma Bridge - The world longest suspension bridge with transport and railway. 2.2 kilometer
The world biggest industry building, which in Kwai Chung, it got 15 floors, 109.5 meter A Total area got 932m square meter C
The world most expensive toilet, it all make by real GOLD. It cost 3 thousand 8 hundred and two thousand HK dollars.


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