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本基金係一個科研機構, 致力改善人類生活, 基金成立於網主九歲, 不斷為地球人帶來夢想; 網主十五歲就創立個人網頁環峰堂, 網頁比Google/Yahoo更早成立, 現在已擁有多於二千頁的網頁及十個blogs, 多年來一直為人類提供免費資訊娛樂! 今天您都可以出一分力, 贊助一個特別為香港人服務的機構, 請支持

We are DaXxX GrouP, according from the book "One Minute to be a Millionaire" It said, if you want to be a Millionaire, you need to donate

H.E.R.E is your chance, your donation can help people all over the world, make people smile and build a better world

Please feel free to donate any amount you like, and If you d

* HK$100 - 我會為香港發明一件產品或一個網頁
* HK$300 or more - Your name or advertisement will be listed on my site
for 3 months

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